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    Founded in an exotic dance club in 2001 by a small group of PC gamers from Napier, New Zealand, the Sons of Alexander clan (SOA) remains as much fun and excitement today as it did back at its humble beginnings.The groups early gaming began on such classic titles as Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty and Rome: Total War, which in fact is where the clan name originates from. Some of New Zealands top Battlefield 2 players called SOA home, and several of our clan administrated official EA servers.

    Lead by clan-leader Selucid and supported by a top bunch of blokes and a few top sheilas as well, the clan has moved onwards and upwards since those times and is today mainly involved in the following established and soon-to-be established gaming communities:

    • •Battlefield 3 - PC
    • •EVE Online - PC
    • •Dust 514 - PS3
    • •Call of Duty 4 - PC

    SOA has grown substantially, from less than a dozen gamers in 2001 to almost one hundred today. Eleven years and we still continue to attract newcomers looking for that relaxed, light-hearted teamwork orientated experience. Covering several gaming platforms and game titles, our members enjoy a diverse range of gaming genres.

    SOA Members come from a broad range of nationalities and backgrounds from areas such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the United States.

    Fortunately as the clan has grown over time we have retained that tight-knit kinship that is often lost when joining larger, less personal gaming organisations.

    We believe that clan comradery extends outside the boundary of the games we play together, in fact if you have a sense of humour then in all instances there are no boundaries. We have organised real life meets and LAN gaming sessions in the past because any excuse for a cold beer, hot steak off a barbeque and a round or two of shooting people in the face is a good one.

    Are you SOA material?

    Mature | Relaxed | Sociable

    If you are 18 years or older and would describe your personality using all three of the above words then there is most likely a place for you
    in our clan.

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    Rules of Engagement

    Guidelines for member conduct

    Spinning a yarn, guzzling Scotch and having a laugh are some of the best aspects of being in the clan, however there are a few guidelines that we ask members to follow so the experience remains a positive and enjoyable one.

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    • Backflip

      Andy AKA GG_Youre_Dead

      Mortar Team

      Andy AKA GG_Youre_Dead


      Andy AKA GG_Youre_Dead
    • Aerial Attack

      CCP Games


      CCP Games


      CCP Games
    • Ambushed

      Miss Jane LeRoy


      Miss Jane LeRoy

      Cynosural Field

      Serpentine Logic

  • SOA Leadership Contacts

    clan leaders
    Selucid discjnz@gmail.com zxhoon [2IC] stuartghall@hotmail.com

    Battlefield 3 Captains
    Heplonjrlonjer@hotmail.com Catalysts.verboeket@gmail.com Benji77captainbenji@gmail.com SpartanKyzen34@hotmail.co.nz

    EVE Online Captains
    Suragosurago@sjones.co.nz Scripture Siriliusho_aequitas@hotmail.com Head Teachmike.hewitt01@gmail.com Taakatflumperdump@hotmail.com

    Dust 514 Captains
    Scrote Schroderscrote.schroder@live.com

    Website Administrator

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  • Sons of Alexander needs you

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  • The Fall From Grace


    CEO : Alphonzo Calryzian

    The Fall From Grace Corporation consists of mature members that value teamwork. Currently we are looking for new members to swell our ranks and expand our presence. We are 'new player friendly' and more than happy to offer guidance and training from our experienced and diverse range of existing members.

    If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact our CEO, or join our in-game recruitment channel : 'TFFG Public Channel'

    Recruitment Open

    What we are looking for

    • •Mission runners.
    • •Miners.
    • •Industrialists.
    • •Player vs player combat pilots.
    • •Exploration pilots.

    Diverse Opportunities

    What our corp can offer you

    • •Player Owned Stations for research and development.
    • •Friendly atmosphere and sound career advice.
    • •Mature members that prize fun over formality.
    • •Steady progression from Hi-Sec to Null-Sec.
    • •An Alliance that works together to achieve results.

  • Belteaters


    CEO : Brahminn

    Like to shoot shit and make ISK? Like to be lazy and sit around 'cause you really just can't be arsed? We have a variety of way to do all of this sort of thing! We are most active predominantly in the Australian Timezone.
    ♥♥♥ Bonus: Girl CEO! ♥♥♥

    For more information contact our CEO, Brahminn or join the in-game chat channel 'chooks' !

    Recruitment open

    What we have on offer

    • •Null-sec access.
    • •Alliance operations.
    • •Wormhole space.
    • •Organised Incursions.
    • •Mission running.

  • Frozen Members


    CEO : No Effect


    Recruitment Closed

    Until further notice

    • All Operations Classified.

  • Exo Pragmata


    CEO : spamurai


    Recruitment Open

    Apply in-game.

    • All Operations Classified.

  • Setenta Corp


    CEO : Sulking Slave

    Setenta Corp is one of the oldest corporations in New Eden, being formed just days after the Eve cluster was opened to capsuleers. We have been involved in many of the great wars that have shaped Eve’s history, both in an industrial and combat capacity. In recent years, Setenta has returned to its roots as a research corporation building weapons of war for discriminating customers. Setenta offers a wide range of players the opportunity to achieve their in-game goals whether it be in research, production or mining. We have the tools that will get you to where you want to be.

    Current Openings

    Industry: 2 free vacancies

    Ideal candidate is a hardcore T2 invention biatch who gets off on 7/10 successful jobs and jokes about datafiles to his friends (imaginary or not). The ability to count is an asset.

    Mining: 3 free vacancies

    Do you believe asteroids have feelings? Can you fetch a coffee, feed the kids and make love to the wife between cycles? You need to talk to us. Joking aside this is an area we wish to expand on rapidly with access to null sec.


    Do you like probing unknown holes in you spare time, sometime belonging to someone else? This is an area we wish to make a permanent operation, we would like to talk to pilots with W-Space aspirations or corporations for association, hand holding and/or corp on corp big love.

    Want to know more? Join our public channel: 'stc-public'

    Our EVE Online forum recruitment thread

    Recruitment Open

    Corporation Requirements

    • •Full API will be required with applications.
    • •Mature players please, it's not that we don't like kids (most of us have them) it's just you would feel left out.
    • •Trust is everything.
    • •We like tacos.

    What We Offer You

    Opportunities include

    • •A relaxed and mature atmosphere.
    • •Extensive blueprint library for members.
    • •Access to capital ship construction facilities.
    • •Alliance mining operations, Hi-Sec and Null-Sec.
    • •Access to low-tax customs offices.
    • •Null-Sec PvP

  • Harvester of Sorrow


    CEO : MeTaLMaLiTiA

    -Harvester of Sorrow-
    Langauge of the MAD
    "...Drink up, shoot in
    let the beatings begin
    disruptor of pain
    your loss becomes my gain."
    Endurance - Courage - Mateship - Sacrifice

    Join us in our public channel 'The Outhouse Inn'

    Recruitment Open

    We are seeking players

    • •Player vs player focused characters.
    • •20 Million skillpoints and above.
    • •Limited API keys must be supplied.
    • •Great sense of humour required.
    • •Mature.

    Keen for PVP?

    Contact us in-game

    • •MeTaLMaLiTiA
    • •DJ Neutron

  • Sons Of Alexander


    CEO : Selucid

    We specialise in small to medium gang player vs player combat, from Hi-Sec to Null-Sec. We currently live in NPC Null-Sec where we run organised PvP operations and a variety of Player Vs Environment activities on the side.

    We are looking for more players, from all timezones that are active at least a few nights a week. We appreciate a good sense of humour and a laid back, friendly attitude. We prefer our applicants to be over 18, and to be active on Alliance comms when online.

    Alliance forums and killboard are available for members. We also have an active Dust 514 contingent, and will be actively recruiting on that front also.
    For more information, or to contact a recruiter join "[S.O.A]" channel in-game.

    Recruitment Open

    What we are looking for

    • •Players with a sense of humour.
    • •Respectful, level-headed individuals.
    • •Ability to join TeamSpeak.
    • •Player vs player combat pilots.
    • •20 Million skill point characters or higher.

    Diverse Opportunities

    What our corp can offer you

    • •Small to Medium gang PvP.
    • •NPC Null-Sec space.
    • •Friendly laid back atmosphere.
    • •Huge variety of gameplay from Mining to Hot-Dropping.
    • •An Alliance full of resources-build ships, trade goods, sell your services.
    • •Dust 514 Active.

  • It Looks Bigger In Their Hand


    CEO : Catalyst1011


    Recruitment Closed

    Until further notice

    • All Operations Classified.

  • The Way of the Gun


    CEO : crisus


    Recruitment Open

    Apply in-game.

    • All Operations Classified.

  • Drinking Beer Forever


    CEO : Dame Valiko


    Recruitment Closed

    Until further notice

    • All Operations Classified.

  • Violent Resolutions


    CEO : Cameron MacPherson


    Recruitment Closed

    Until further notice

    • All Operations Classified.

  • Rules of engagement

    It's about how we play and what we stand for

    The purpose of the clan rules is to outline how each member is expected to conduct themselves when gaming on the private or public servers of any game the clan is active in. Every member is expected to follow these and failure to do so could result in the removal of the member by clan leadership.

    The ten commandments

    • •Do not disrespect your fellow clan mates.
    • •Do not abuse or smacktalk with players in public servers, organised scrimmages or public channels.
    • •Refrain from using player or account names that disrespect or mock other players.
    • •Do not teamkill punish in games if said teamkill was clearly accidental, in cases of repeated teamkilling then report to an Admin.
    • •Do not pad your statistics or endeavour in other such shenanigans that would disgrace the clan.
    • •Backup your clan mates, both in-game and out.
    • •No spawn camping, or camping uncapturable objectives.
    • •If customised game rules are present on the server you are playing on, respect them.
    • •Maintain a professional demeanour when representing the clan.
    • •Be available on clan voice comms when required. When logged in and gaming one should be on TeamSpeak.


    We encourage our members to actively recruit friends and family, this is done by simply asking them to visit the SOA clan homepage where potential new recruits can review the regulations and guidelines for joining us. If the potential recruit agrees with the RoE they may submit an application to join through the Apply section. The decision who to allow in on trial, and who ultimately joins the corp rests with the clan captains, as listed in the Apply section of the SOA homepage.
    Upon acceptance into the clan a new member is then considered to have been issued his tags. Our Tag is =s[O]a= .

    • The prefix for an existing account is: =s[O]a
    • If you start a new account, it should follow the template: =s[O]a=Name
    • Remember while this tag is prefixing any player, their actions reflect on us as a clan.
    • Please keep this in mind and do not undertake actions that will bring us into ill repute.

  • Corporate Application for AL3XAND3R Alliance

    Expectations for Corporations of the Alliance.

    • •Each Alliance member must check the forums regularly (At least once a day where possible).
    • •Each Alliance member must have a functioning Microphone and be able to use Teamspeak3.
    • •A Limited API will be required to be provided.
    • •If you are able to meet and accept these requirements then you may apply to a Member Corp and you will be considered by the Eve Captains and leadership.
    • •Each CEO will be responsible for the day to day running of his/her Own Corp and in charge of recruitment see HERE for a guideline.
    • •Sons Of Alexander Leadership will have the final decision on new member corps.
    • •During the event of a war all member corps will rally to a named system.
    • •Alliance Fees - Currently our fees are only 50 million ISK per Corporation per Month. This is subject to change.

    contact form

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    We will be in touch soon.

  • Sons of Alexander are recruiting

    We are looking for

    Positive, enthusiastic and mature gamers with a great sense of humour

    We cannot stress enough how important it is for an applicant to be over 18, have an easy going attitude and to be able to take and give a bit of stick to fellow members in a jovial manner. Oversensitive individuals will probably find a more suitable clan elsewhere, as crass themes and colourful langauge are often a part of the day to day entertainment on comms and in-game chat.

    Active gamers that contribute

    Gamers that are active at least two or more nights a week are what we seek. While participation in clan events and time spent online are not strictly policed, prolonged periods of inactivity or lack of social participation with clan activities in-game may result in your removal from SOA by leadership. Going away on holidays, time off from gaming and other personal leaves of absence are of course no issue at all so long as leadership is made aware via forums, email or direct in-game messaging.

    All timezones welcome

    Primarily we are an Australian and New Zealand timezone clan, however due to the variety of nationalites of our members we effectively cover all timezones. Due to the round-the-clock nature of EVE Online, gamers from all timezones are warmly welcomed.

    Team players with a voice to be heard

    We use teamspeak extensively as an in-game communication tool, all players are expected to have a working microphone and join the clan supplied teamspeak server while active in-game.

    Apply now

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